Making the Most of the Summer Market

Making the Most of the Summer Market

Making the Most of the Summer Market: Essential Tips for Home Selling in Portland, Oregon

Hello, future home sellers of Portland, Oregon!

I'm Peter Cutile, your real estate partner, ranked among the top 3% of all real estate agents in America. Today, I'm bringing you some seasoned advice on preparing your home for a summer sale. Summer is one of the best times to list your home, with abundant sunshine showcasing properties in their best light. Let's dig in to make the most of this opportunity!

#Brighten Up Your Home

First impressions matter, especially when you're selling a home. Make sure your home looks bright, airy, and inviting. Open up those blinds, clean those windows, and let in that beautiful Oregon summer sunshine! According to, using natural light can make your space look bigger and more appealing.

#Maximize Outdoor Living Space

Summer is all about outdoor living. Consider staging your outdoor space as an additional living area. Garden Spot Village recommends adding comfortable seating, a grill, or a fire pit to highlight the potential for backyard BBQs and family gatherings. If you have a pool, ensure it's clean and inviting.

#Tend to Your Garden

Landscaping is key in the summer months. A well-maintained yard creates a strong curb appeal. As per Lamacchia Realty, colorful blooms, trimmed lawns, and weed-free paths make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Consider hiring a professional landscaper if needed.

#Cool it Down

A hot, stuffy house is a big no-no for summer viewings. Ensure your air conditioning units are in top shape. If you don't have an air conditioning system, consider investing in some high-quality fans. RE/MAX News suggests setting your thermostat at a comfortable temperature during showings to provide potential buyers with a refreshing experience.

#Flexible Showings

Longer daylight hours are one of the summer's greatest advantages. This means you have more flexibility in scheduling showings. US News Real Estate encourages extending your showing hours into early evening when it's cooler.

#Price it Right

An appropriately priced home is crucial in any season. Make sure to work with a knowledgeable real estate agent who understands the local market trends. I can assist you in setting a competitive price that reflects your home's true value and the dynamics of the Portland market.

#Photos and Online Presence

In today's digital age, your online listing and photos make a significant impact. According to Rochester Real Estate Blog, professional photography that highlights your home's summer readiness can set your listing apart.

In conclusion, with the right strategies, summer can be an excellent time to sell your home in Portland. By presenting your home in its best summer light, you can draw in buyers and get the best return on your investment.

Ready to list your home this summer? Contact me, Peter Cutile, and let's work together to make your home stand out in the Portland market. Reach out today and let's make the most of this summer selling season. I am committed to providing exceptional service and using my extensive expertise to make your selling experience as smooth and successful as possible.

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